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AZ Regulations

Who Regulates The Use Of Pesticides In Arizona? Why Is It Important To Be Licensed To Do Bee Removal In Arizona?

indent“The Office of Pest Management of the Arizona Department of Agriculture (OPM) licenses commercial pest control businesses in Arizona and the pesticide applicators and inspectors employed by these companies. It also enforces federal and state laws governing pesticide use and storage. Consumer complaints involving licensed businesses are handled through the Agency. Staff investigates these complaints and presents its findings to the agency’s Acting Director who determines if any violations exist and takes action based upon the findings.”     azregulation_1

indentAn Africanized bee infestation is a very serious problem. African bees are potentially very dangerous and have properly earned the name African killer bees. Arizona City bee removal services should not be dabbled in or treated lightly by companies professing to provide bee eradication, bee extermination, bee removal or honeycomb removal services. Many pest control companies in Arizona City are inexperienced or treat a bee problem as they would any other insect problem. Many Arizona City companies that advertise under bee removal services are not licensed with the Office of Pest Management, State of Arizona, or they are really just pest control companies advertising under a pseudonym name for bee removal services. We are specialists at bee control, wasp control, wasp removal, hornet control, bee eradication, bee extermination, bee removal and honeycomb removal and our methods and techniques are unique and were developed from our beekeeper heritage.


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